About Janice

Janice Sugita, Feng Shui expert and consultant, Janice Sugita, has appeared on multiple television shows, seminars and conventions and has been featured in many international magazines. Combining her many years of interior design and Feng Shui consultant services, she gives her clients effective solutions for activating their personal attraction and aligning their homes and businesses for healthy, successful living. Janice Sugita has studied traditional Feng Shui for over 2 decades under Master Larry Sang, the sole master in China allowed to teach Feng Shui curriculum in the universities.

We apply all Feng Shui elements with the understanding that Feng Shui should be invisible to the overall design of the living environment. Our belief is that all Feng Shui elements implemented to balance the "qi" of the property should always blend seamlessly with whatever style of design.

Email Janice: jss861@gmail.com