Janice had me introduce her flower placement formula for the attraction of prosperity. At first I used white Lilly's, once they opened up the room was flooded with their fragrance.
The next day two things happened;
1.The business which was very slow during the summer months, experienced an increase in sales that maintained that level for the next 5 days. This was definitely out of character.
2.I got amazing attention from the opposite sex, from strangers to women who I'd been in contact with that seemed out of reach.
All of a sudden they became approachable.

La Quinta ,California

HI Janice!
I got the book this morning when I got here. Thank you so much! What a lovely thought to give those out to the attendees. So far, I have heard only raving reviews of the class and everyone has started to update their work environment with their personal color of flowers! You have made quite an impact and I am certain the company will benefit from the wealth of information you provided during the class! I hope the class was as beneficial for you as it appears to have been for us! Warmest regards!

Alternative Apparel
Los Angeles, California

Janice Sugita is an exceptional Feng Shui consultant. Her keen insight, interior design and Feng shui expertise makes for a win/win situation for you and your goals. Aesthetically, she brings balance and harmony to your home with the subtlest of changes. Every recommendation implemented was felt with the energy shifting to a much more calm and serene level bringing forth amore clarity. These changes brought good health, a deeper loving relationship individually and for our relationship together and prosperity to flow much more easily and effortlessly. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. We are forever grateful.

D. N and R. D
Thousand Oaks, California

Thanks for coming out and consulting on my home/office. The day after I placed the remedies, I was offered a fantastic job on a tv makeover show. I also had so many people approach me since I placed the flowers in my bedroom. I will seriously take your advice about moving to a more positive space.

J. B
Beverly Hills, California

I consulted with Janice when I was considering a new space so she could help me choose a better location. She helped me in my last home and improved my health and business tremendously but warned me there would always take more effort. Literally 2 days after I moved I received a phone call for a project with a high profile celebrity, the biggest project of my career.

J. B
Beverly Hills, California

I run a prominent design showroom in Los Angeles and contacted Janice to help us improve sales. With Janice's Feng Shui knowledge and her design talent, she was able to advise the correct placement of the furnishings and remedies aesthetically and in proper alignment. After the renovation, I had proceeded with busy day to day enterprises and forgot about Feng Shui. However, when reporting time came, the numbers said it all. The results were remarkable. There was an immediate spike in sales within a month of our Feng Shui project, which continued throughout the year. Since then I consult with her every year for an annual update.

Showroom manager
West Hollywood, California

After some years of proven success of Feng Shui principals in my business, Janice advised me to enjoy the Peach Blossom formula to improve my personal life.. So I placed the flowers as she had instructed. People whom I had not seen in years, began to reconnect. People whom I did not know, approached me with compliments about my work, I was generally the center of attention.

Showroom manager
West Hollywood, California

Janice, as soon as you left our house I immediately placed all the metal and painted my red front door grey. The next day my client sent me an email that he wanted to start his project. You mentioned that the red door was causing money delays. Since I was waiting for an answer from this client for weeks. I definitely feel the charge in energy. This week I placed my flowers so that I could attract more clients. Today I took my portfolio to an architect with projects in China and he says he can definitely use my work in all the hotels. Amazing, I feel so much more confident now that my house and studio are in balance.

Palm Desert, California